1. the lamest character on homestarrunner.com.

2. A character that probably listens to a lot of emo, and fantasizes of swingsets, lunchboxes, picket fences, sunsets, ex-girlfriends' eyes (don't think he's ever had one though), and other emo crap (thanx to Jediak for the inspirashun).

3. Someone who it seems like yesterday that he was having his underwear set on fire by Strong Badand The Cheat.
-Aaaaah The Cheat... It seems like it was only yesterday that we were setting fire to Strong Sad's underwear...

-It WAS only yesterday...
by Sot the burninator December 10, 2003
a total loser who plays board games with other board games (ie- hi ho cherrio) and sometimes has glow stick juice put into his drink
"I don't like food anymore"
by meowm sux a lot December 09, 2003
the wiggity wiener
by Paka August 10, 2003
a fat Strong brother who doesn't eat
"I don't like food anymore"
by Ashley October 07, 2003
dumb grey boring depressed
not nearly as cool as strong bad
Do I need an example!?! just go to www.homestarrunner.com to find out for your self
by matt December 09, 2003

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