A century-old moron from South Carolina who was a member of the Seperatist Party. One of his accomplices was Trent Lott. The old crochety little bastard.
Hah! Ah'm Storm Thurrrmond! I hate blacks! Hur hur hur hur......auuuggghh! NURSE! AH BROKE MAH HIP AGAIN!!!!
by Journey Fan October 26, 2004
The KKK's butt buddy.
That cracks posing as the kkk cried like a queer bitch when Strom Thurmond died.
by NAACP July 05, 2003
A sex act. to perform a Strom Thurmond is to double fist someone, then spread your arms as hard as you can. It is called the Strom Thurmond because of his support for segregation: after you tear a man or woman in half by doing this their two halves are "seperate but equal"
"I was just trying to get a little kinky, but I accidently gave my boyfriend a Strom Thurmond and now I'm on trial for murder!"
by mylz February 22, 2008
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