To stroke as in the hand movement, but associated with the male genitalia.
Used in response to idiots or "strokers" as a metaphor for cock touchers.
Phil Collin's is a complete stroker.
by MarkRiccioni January 31, 2005
One who masturbates on chatroulette or omegle. Typical to be an old fat foreign man.
-Ewww another stroker on chatroulette

- Those guys are queers !
by oooppeoooepppeooe August 07, 2010
One who chronically masturbates.
Hudson really is a stroker. His computer crashed from all the porn he watched while masturbating.
by The guilded lion February 03, 2011
A person who walks into a dealership to inquire about a vehicle or a number of vehicles with absolutely no intention of purchasing one that very day. A stroker will usually come equipped with useless information, e.i., consumer reports, a dinky little note pad, low-ball quotes from other dealers, etc. Strokers generally have no consideration for the salesman's time and money and come in all shapes and forms.
Stroker: "Well, John, thank-you for the test drive, you've been real helpful. Do you have a card?"
Salesman: Damn, stroker.
by King of Cars April 09, 2008
A person in basketball who has a jump shot(especially from three point range) that almost always goes in.
Watch out for that Stroker, stay on him at all times!

Stroker is on my team!
by scbmfballer October 16, 2009
Not unlike a wanker but far less credible.
Ah man! That guy takes the Piss! He's a proper stroker!
by Valetudo March 24, 2004
an old man who has a firzzy beard, he strokes fruit, and young children on the head.
omg check out the stroker.

wow thats amazing, he strokes so dynamically
by oliiesssdf March 04, 2008

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