An internal combustion engine that has been modified to increase displacement by replacing the stock crankshaft with a crankshaft that has more throw. This increased throw necessitates modified pistons and usually new rods. The increase in displacement resulting from stroking an engine will almost always result in an engine that produces more torque (and HP) than the stock engine.
That car flys, it's got a stroker.

That heavy-ass Impala SS smoked those LS1's - what's he got in there? Oh yea, that car has a 383 stroker with nitrous.
by Chrissssonic May 31, 2005
Someone who strokes; someone greifing in minecraft by using lava, fire and tnt while being invisible. Used in Master of Luck's video when trolling a squeeker. Confused by meaning Herobrine, the squeeker called himthe stroker
"Last week when playing minecraft I was griefed by the stroker.
by lord shredder August 26, 2014
One who enters a car dealership without the slightest intention to buy a car, hence wasting a salesperson's time and money.
Bob the used car salesman: Did you end up closing the deal?

Mike the used car salesman: Naaw, he was a stroker.
by Shahin January 31, 2005
A girlfriend that will not allow you to fuck her and is only willing to give you hand jobs.
Phil: Poor Tom, his gf doesn't let him bone
Bob: Yea she's a stroker
by Jisser August 30, 2009
A person who intentionally misleads, fools, or otherwise gains the upper hand over another person in order to get something of value from said person (specific actions or physical objects) through the use of a pleasant deception (i.e. stroking one's ego)
I gave you a great deal on that car. In fact, too good of a deal. How did you get me to do that? You are a stroker.
by smittydb September 28, 2005
The single handedly strongest, most powerful, most bad assed subwoofers ever created in all existance of car audio, hands down, ever, by Cerwin Vega.

The original Stroker line was designed to do 2 things only, play extremely loud, and extremely low.

They weren't pretty, but looked tough, and played tougher. Most importantly, they would win and obliterate the competition in virtually any and all SPL contests they were entered in.

More recent lines of the Stroker have been upgraded with modern conviences. They are prettier, handle insane more amounts of power, and are probably bullet proof!

On top of still playing extremely loud and low, They will now also cause earthquakes; and will also perform kidney stone lithotripsy.
I had kidney stones, and couldn't afford to go to the dr to get the ultrasound done to remove them. So I went to my buddies house and stood next to his stroker at full blast. In the process I went deaf, and the neighbors house got leveled, but my kidney stones went bye bye.
by ItWhoSleeps September 13, 2009
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