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To be a stritchy, one must always intoxicate themseleves and then go into bushes with random boys (bohane). Stritchy doesn't share food (or handle her drink well). But they are loveable creatures. To buy pet stritchys please call your local off license :D
Friend 1: I love me some stritchy
Friend 2: In the bush, with bohane! :L
by Olivia Meade July 06, 2010
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To be a stritchy is to be a person who is lighthearted and sweet .. yet annoying and intolerable.
Stritchy does not share food with others as its against its values..
and to be a stritchy one must give off grrr vibes to people around them
OMG I Love Me Some Stritchy!

see her.. ahh shes some stritchy
by eyelinerandfangs. July 21, 2010
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