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Fake bacon, made from plants. Used in place of bacon by vegetarians.
"Oh I just made the best SLT!"
"What's an SLT?"
"Stripple, lettuce, tomato!"
by yourneighborhoodvegetarian January 26, 2010
When the nipples of a woman resembles a cross between a starburst and a nipple. Chode is to penis as stripple is to nipple
Shes got some big ass stripples. look like boxes to me
by leedeck February 23, 2006
A strippers stiff nipple.

Or can be used to insult one's stiff nipple
"i've never seen nipples that big!"
"what did you expect? they're stripples"

"haha! jill has stripples"
"i do not!"
by Bette Mild February 22, 2009
A disabled person who performs a striptease.

-Buying a dance from the girl was so not worth it. She couldn't even move!
-Dude, she was a total stripple...
by myp4ntsrt1ght October 25, 2009
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