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The stripper who's been dancing long enough now that she can afford extensions and decent clothes and doesn't have to live in the trailor park anymore.

The ugly girl with a scrawny body who bought implants instead of braces, but as long as she's topless nobody notices that her front teeth are throwing up gang signs.

The stripper who's 2 baggies away from getting knocked up by her meth cook or beaten up by her pimp.

The title given to only one stripper at a time in a club.. crowning her the fakest.
Tommy Girl: Hey Bambi, look at {Insert trashy stripper name}.. Do you remember what she looked like when she first came here? Now she's big stripper bitch.
Bambi: Mmmmhmmm. (rolls eyes)
by Uwish4Trish March 16, 2009
A guy faithful to one dancer, following her schedule and buying private dances from no others.
John's waiting for Chesty Heaven before he gets a lap dance. He's such a stripper bitch.
by wordguy2 May 22, 2010