someone who rather resembles a dried out, shrivelled potato or bean sprout. They have aspirations of being a DJ, known as DJ stringbean. THey have no social life, no sex life, and generally are lower than Nerds/Geeks on the social scale.
"DUDE, that guy is such a String bean!"


"Stringbean's in the house"
by adfsghfasdsdaasd May 01, 2006
Top Definition
A tall, thin individual (usually male).
Hahaha you wanna fight? You fight me you ugly smelly breath sucka.....or how about you? You string bean rick james looking fool!
by Hobbledehoy January 02, 2009
usually a girl who is from polish descent. kinda looks like a hippie, sells people "drug rugs" pretty chill, makes out with guys that live in illinois. slams them against stuff and whatnot. over all String Bean is not a bad person, unless she is on the "note".
"Yo that motha fucka string bean was so fucked up on the note she slamed that broo against the wall!"

by Dino Note66 August 02, 2010
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