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Stresscalation: a cruel cycle where some fool stresses you out, and then you in turn vomit stress on some unwitting fool, who then explodes like a dirty bomb on the next unsuspecting fool, creating a long chain of stressed-out fools.
Fool #8: "I'd sure like to find the fool who started this stresscalation."

Fool # 7: "Shut the hell up, fool, YOU started it!"
by beyondnothing April 09, 2011
a made up word by a silly man who thinks that when one gets stressed they should say to themselves, "The stress stops here!" --- Stresscalation is apparently when you pass on your stress to someone else during your day.
The ability to stresscalate is the only good thing about being stressed. One is allowed to commit stresscalation and snap at others and it is fully justified because they are stressed.
by lawstudent123 April 15, 2011
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