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A term used to denote ones intentions; how they shall comport themselves; a protocol based on the principals of strength (courage, power, force) and Honor (integrity, honesty, respect)
1. The people asked her to be their leader because she demonstrated strength and honor in all she did for them.

2. As the barbarians crested the hill, the General raised his sword to his troops and belted out "Strength and Honor" as the battle cry.
3. America will only survive if her people return to the values of strength and honor in the home and in the workplace.
by AntHed February 06, 2013
A greeting of the highest respect between two comrad warriors. Both warriors grab eachothers hands as if they are about to arm wrestle, flex their enormous biceps, look eachother in the eye, and in unison state the greeting loudly.
Spartan sees another Spartan.
by thundaaaa January 19, 2009
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