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Lacking in height, strength and intelligence. Generally male, and generally seen overcompensating with excessive insults.

See also: Short Man Syndrome
That guy is a total strell - he just keeps starting fights tonight. It must be because he's so short.
by finger finger July 15, 2008
The most badassed alias to ever grace any and all corners of the internet. Stylistic, a mad poet with the fingertips of Shakespeare, Hughes, Plath, and Poe. Deservedly owns you and everything you hold dear, including your mom (because she deserves better). The best gamer you'll ever run across. Passionate and sweet, yet cynical and caustic - transcendent and ethereal. Stepping tall, living large and laughing easy. Always one to crack a joke, break a heart, argue to the bitter end, then turn around and forget all about it. Resilient, genuine, and certainly not human.

The Mad Hatter, the hopeless romantic, loyal, intelligent, and a dumdum.

Wouldn't you like to dance on the moon with me?
Take me now, Strell. For the love of GOD take me now.
by Zeigan May 19, 2004

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