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Constructed from a wide array of Western European genes, the Strelchun complex is one of the most beautiful to be viewed by the human eyes. Lithuanian for "The Great Archer," the Strelchun family has a brave, courageous gene built into their very core. Often times they consist of abnormally large biceps, and are deceptively very intelligent. If any problem persists in this family, the only to be named is the slight inclination to urinate one's pants under intense intoxication. Also sometimes the youngest generation can overly indulge in high-caloric food items, thus being deemed "fat fucks." This added weight is transferred instantly to pure muscle mass by the age of 20 due to Lipimobilization, a scientific phenomenon only seen in the Strelchun gene.
"Dude ur hot as a Strelchun!"
"Shit, a Strelchun's here." (Said in a highly depressed tone by males when a Strelchun male enters a party scene due to increased female distraction)
by Jamie Kalns September 26, 2007

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