Opposite of Curb Kids ,
Uncool kids who do not FSU
Tylers such a Street Walker.
by Jtg1862 October 17, 2011
One who has a fake last name on facebook.
"Why does Kayla have a fake last name on facebook?"
"Because she's a streetwalker, obviously"
by dabomb.com May 06, 2012
dramafields walkers... whorish in there nice ways while they wear their shoes to their socks.. they have no car therefor they walk and act like they got money.
hey check out that street walker
by dramawalkers October 24, 2008
them gangsters on the streets
i be always g-ridin, c-walkin, street talkin - input
by Lil Ghost February 12, 2005
Dumbass normal person. No sence of humor, no third eye vision.
A streetwalker will do anything not to get into a fight.
by Mac Linton August 12, 2005
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