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Health insurance marketed to lower-income customers. Often sold door-to-door, in small storefront offices, or even in mobile RV offices. Frequently the premiums are paid in cash or even collected door-to-door.

Often rejects every claim or most claims, saying they're not compensable or that they're due to a preexisting industry. Essentially, fraudulent health insurance.
Mom paid for streetsurance but they said her cancer was a preexisting condition and refused to pay the hospital.
by Kilted lawyer June 11, 2010
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Street 'Surance is health insurance sold to the poorest sectors of American society, often door-to-door. Such policies are often worthless, the payout ratio being notoriously low. Most such companies engaged in this activity operate outside normal perameters and many are straightforwardly illegal. The pejorative use of the word 'Surance' refers to how the word Insurance may be pronounced by low income families, at whom such policies are targeted.
One of the best dramatized examples of Street 'Surance in modern culture is in the Matt Damon/Danny De Vito film 'Rainmaker', based on the novel by John Grisham, in which a young man with terminal cancer dies because the his "insurance policy" will not pay out. Unsurprisingly, the "Insurance company" is merely a Ponzi scheme and has been looted by the proprietor. The film revolves around a court case brought by the posthumous claimant (and his parents).
by The Other Irishman December 18, 2011
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Defined as when a pimp has to take out a policy on his street corner. It's insurance to protect the corner and his territory. Mainly giving to prostitutes or whores in the business of selling ones body for a profit and required by law to have some form of policy to protect the pimp.
Pimp says "Baby, I think we have to get you some streetsurance shortly"!
by Julio Hector Dick April 03, 2009
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