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The illegal act of drifting on the public roads. Streeto is a nickname derived from "street drifting" with a mock-Japanese "o" added due to many Japanese words being similar to English words but with a "u" or "o" at the end, ie "Crashu".
Also known as "S1" as a mockery of the "D1 - Drifting Championship", ie - "S1 - Streeto Championship"
Yo Dave, let's go out for some streeto.

Hey man, I just got busted for streeto.

After the event, let's all go out for some streeto, I've got a pair of tyres in the back and a full tank of go go juice.
by MJG from November 11, 2008
Single serving Cheetos or other chips which are consumed after they have been found on the street and were clearly dropped or have fallen from a delivery truck.
"Those are some killer streetos", "Oh, you found those streetos in the alley? They taste just fine."
by salacious July 01, 2013
dorifto on the public highway, mucho fun but mucho illegal
street-o is bad kids, but if you're gonna do it take pictures and video and show everybody!!
by FWDGayer October 29, 2007

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