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Working street prostitutes.
Oh Joe, look at all those street sweepers coming down the road.
by AmichaelG1 January 09, 2010
streetsweeper is:a kick-ass politically radical band consisting of boots riley&tom morello(ratm)
man streetsweeper is awesome!the guitars kick ur azz, and the lyrics whoop ur head!
by 10-of-clubs March 09, 2009
When a man uses his mustache to aid his sexual prowess while performing a rimjob
My brother gave his girl a street sweeper three days ago and his face still smells like poo, I think I even saw him pull something brown out of his mustache when we ate breakfast together!
by Jimmmy James August 21, 2008
Taking one's beard and running it the length of his partner's vaginal area to stimulate her sexually.
Hey baby, I wanna give you a street sweeper... Awoooo!!
by yeahtubbs October 16, 2007
when a girl is such a slut that her vagina hangs low enough to clean the sidewalk or street she is walking on
Damn, did you see that ho? She was cleaning the streets with her labias! Straight up street sweeper.
by J-thunder May 30, 2008
This, along with the short bus, ice cream truck, and the Popemobile are the pimpest rides around.
Only the cool kids ride in the back of the bus - EVERY SEAT IS THE BACK!

Ice Cream Truck, no example needed

Popemobile kicks ass

and the street sweeper drives on the wrong side of the road if it wants. and gets away with it.
by zomgwtflolbbq October 09, 2007