The place where people get busy on.
Also known as some people's moms
Jimmy jizzed all over the street.

Did you see Jimmy's street? He got busy with her
by asdf February 16, 2005
That means Wall Street, you fucking Blockbuster interns. Only successful people work there
I make $200k/annum, now go fix me lunch you little loser
by george July 07, 2004
Hot but aware of it. Knows he/she is good looking. As in the Streets song "Fit but my gosh don't you know it."
"She is so hot"
"Yeah but she's totalz streets"
by Pregoline January 12, 2008
to copy somebody, for the streetcred
"What a streets!, he bought the same shoes as me"
by Portsy P July 10, 2008
verb (intransitive) to become available on a wide scale
July, dude. That's when the album streets.
by M.A.S.S. June 02, 2007
Where the black/mexican people live.
I be livin on da streets G.
by jacob December 14, 2004

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