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hair cut exposing the forehead of a black man
they some streamlined Aaffrikaans

Hurricane Chris be streamlining and gettin' Ratchet
by slumsofindia April 06, 2010
Verb-The act of soaking a tampon in hard alcohol and inserting it into the vagina or asshole to get drunk.
JR-I heard your girl got pulled over last night
Brian-Yeah, and she was drunk
JR-She get a DUI?
JR-How did she get out of that one?
Brian-She was streamlining, smart huh, whens the last time a cop went down on a chick to see if she was drunk
by Mr.Gooddrugs May 09, 2010
listening to streamline by newton
A: last night i saw this evil black man streamlining with a belgian prostitute in sir David's house!
B: woooah!
by Doctor Angry Stevenson October 25, 2009

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