Streaming is a secret technique used while walking about at your school or at the local mall but can really happen anywhere. Streaming occurs when you and your friends are walking and you begin to let loose a long yet slow, weak, and silent "stream" of gas A.K.A.fart. You attempt to pace it and let it out in a contineous shot rather then all at once. Beware the sound can be quite decieving and may prove deadly at times, especially after a bean borrito. Many believe this word originated because of the fart streaming through everywhere you walk, much like a jet leaves behind a stream of smoke. Beware of the people who may be walking behind you.
Streaming may also be know as Jetting
Alex: God damn that was awesome!!
Eric: what?
Alex: I was streaming a long one!!! hahah sucks for whoever was behind us :-)
Eric: What the hell is streaming?
Alex: I dunno I just made that up, but I'm Definetely throwing it on tonight!!! you can read it there!
Eric: Nice hahahha
Alex: BWahahahahahhhh I just streamed again.
by Its mE Alex January 13, 2006
Top Definition
The act of urinating.

While streaming, in a computer and data centric context, indicates the flow of audio and/or video data, an individual who is creating live content on the internet is more properly described as "doing a webcast" versus "streaming."
"I'm streaming right now, hands free."
"Really? You're doing a webcast right now?"
"No, I'm urinating, while I'm talking to you on the phone."
by Alfred_FL February 08, 2009
A midwestern term mainly used to talk about exes who tell people yo buisness, or when a ho' feel antsy and want to tell people your personal buisness, and or snitch on you. :)
Dude I was drunk at the party Saturady and I kissed Marissa, She streaming to the whole school.

I stole her Ipod and Max went STREAMING to the principal. He gonna get his ass beat!
by Journalismkidd January 27, 2009
A way of cheating in Fantasy Baseball during the playoffs. The act of excessively adding/dropping Starting Pitchers during a Fantasy Baseball Playoff to win the categories of Wins, Strikeouts, ERA and WHIP versus their opponent.

The act of streaming usually takes place when a Fantasy Baseball owner has a bad pitching staff in the playoffs.
Since the start of the Fantasy Baseball Playoffs, Bob has been streaming Starting Pitchers to cheat his way to victory.
Pete lost to Bob in our Fantasy Baseball Playoffs because Bob was streaming starting pitchers.
Mick accused Bob of streaming starting pitchers during the playoffs.
by Big Texan September 23, 2010
To talk shit about yo friends to alot of ppl behind their back. To tell others personal business or sexual escapades.
Dan: That bitch Taylor told Ellen that I'm a virgin.
Damian: She just streaming your business around the whole damn school.
by Dare Bear 08 January 30, 2009
The act of drinking champagne from the slit of a woman's vagina.
I just had the best champagne yesterday, candy just poured it down her pussy and told me to stream her!

Fred: Maya, what do we have to drink?
Maya: we have some champagne. Do you want to stream me?
Fred: Sure, it's been a while since we tried streaming.
by sevenDeathlysins August 25, 2011
pissing - urinating
Man, can I jump ahead of you in line for the bathroom? I'm just streaming, not downloading, so I will be quick and won't be stinking up the place.
by juan sanchez Jr. March 11, 2012

noun U
contrary to Alex's ground breaking discovery, streaming is the upload/download of audio/video data over the interweb in real time. If Alex was to stick a cork in it, sit down in front of a computer & watch some bollox on youtube or something similar, all would become clear (once the stream has stopped buffering).
Alex: Hey, like, i've been streaming all day at school.
Teacher: I hope you weren't streaming DVDs, young Alex!
DMCA bigwig: I'm closing your school down for breach of copyright.
by F.Arkov June 27, 2006
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