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1. The tendency of the human mind to inadvertently jump from one subject to another.
2. A literary device that is used to follow the occurring thoughts of a character.
-They started talking about politics, but because of the stream of consciousness, they were talking about their favorite flavors of ice cream by the end of the discussion.
by delinquentfates May 15, 2006
The act of daydreaming while you're peeing.
Hey, what was that? Sorry, you caught me in a stream of consciousness in the men's room.
by Pazuzu Jack April 19, 2011
A form of speech where the person speaking dumps all their thoughts out unfiltered, unedited and completely.
"I went to see my mom yesterday and she would not stop talking. She just kept going on and on about EVERY thought she had. I was drowning in the stream of consciousness she threw at me for an hour."
by somedudewithaword April 26, 2014
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