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A bullet that hits you (especially if it causes a fatality) in Counter-Strike when the attacker was not aiming at you at all.
That's BS! I was killed by a stray bullet!
by Pang Mu April 08, 2003
A shot, munition of series of munitions loosed at friendly troops by American fighter pilots totally wired on amphetamins and/or combat drugs (taken to keep them awake on 16 hour sorties). Also applies to American AA bateries, Artillery and Gung-ho Conscripts fullfilling their Rambo fantasies.
BBC Newscaster John Simson's Khurdish interpreter was killed by a Stray Bullet (rocket attack)

A Canadian Mechanised infantry battalion took a Stray Bullet (Rockets and lazer guided bombs) in Iraq

Steve was on Hamburger Hill, he caught a Stray Bullet (Miniguns, Napalm and artillery)
by Thomas of Bristol March 08, 2004
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