When you 69 eachother and the female is on her period and the male cums in her mouth while he has her period blood on his mouth and they make out mixing the 2 liquids together, thus creating the lgendary Straberry Swirl. Nothing to do with punching... people lie!

Fucking morons.
Whats that you say? It's that time of the month again! well come on down, hurry up! don't plug up that stinky, bloody, cunt with no tampon. Lets creat a Strawberry Swirl you bloody bitch!
by Human-being November 11, 2005
Top Definition
When a girl is giving you head and you blow it on her face then punch her in the nose so she bleeds.
It was a good strawberry swirl until I realized she was a hemophiliac and she bled to death.
by rocketman January 30, 2005
After a man ejaculates on a womans mouth, he punches her in the nose. This causes blood to flow over her mouth and the ejaculum. The man then takes either his hand, or his penis, and applies it to the woman's face, making a circular motion, which creates a pinwheel swirling effect.
After ejaculating over the woman's face, Roger swiftly dashes his fist into her nose, creating a flow of blood that covers his body art. In an attempt to remove his faux paux, he rubs his hand over her face in a circular motion, creating a swirling effect, or 'Strawberry Swirl'.
by Robert Wicker January 06, 2008
A man ejaculates on to the stomach of a lady. Another woman then bleeds into this and swirls it around and then eats it.
Take a guess
a sexual act: while recieving a blowjob right before ejaculation punch the woman in the nose and add the semen to the blood and swirl with penis
after a rouseing hummer TT proceeded in an unannouced strawberry swirl much to her shagrin
by spudder69 August 21, 2005
when you fuck a girl on the rag and when your done you slap your bloody dick on her face
april didn't like the strawberry swirl i gave her last night
by Mikeagod March 21, 2005
When a guy cums inside a girl during her period; when it comes out it will look like a strawberry swirl
My boyfried and i had sex during my period last night...it looked like a strawberry swirl
by Little Burrito October 07, 2009
No violence please. After fucking a girl on the rag, cum on her (anywhere) and rub your bloody cock in it... Voila, Strawberry Swirl.
After releasing my massive load on her stomach, I made a Strawberry Swirl.
by Jiveass September 17, 2006
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