StrawberryClock was the Flash animator that saved Newgrounds. By submitting Flash many found crappy to the portal, everyone hated him, but the attention also turned to the vast amount of crappy Flash popping up in the Portal at that time. It was in Newgrounds darkest hour, that the Clock Crew was formed. They saved Newgrounds, and also put an end to the anti-StrawberryClock campaign. Then, StrawberryClock was crowned the King of the Portal, and forever he will be. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB. I want to drive! :P
StrawberryClock is the king of teh Portal!
StrawberryClock is teh King of teh Portal!
by TehClock August 01, 2004
King of the Newgrounds Portal
Strawberry Clock is king of the Newgrounds Portal
by ClockCrewFan September 22, 2003
The King of the Portal. Defender against the Void!
Strawberry Clock wants to drive.
by Oracle Clock October 17, 2003
Your Lord and Master
Your Lord and Master
by NumberClock August 17, 2003
The greatest flash animator in the universe, look up by all, those who are intimidated by his power and make anti-clockcrew remarks only mak him stronger.
StrawberryClock is fucking 1337!!!!
King of Teh Portal
by Church October 20, 2003
The self-proclaimed King of the Portal. He leads a band of animators known as the Clock Crew.
Strawberry Clock is the king of the portal.
by The Zebu September 09, 2003
"The Clock Crew. Spreading a cult, spam, senceless violence, flash poontang..and..AND...CLOCK CREW!!bbbbbbbbbbBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!! HAIL THE CC, OR DIE!!!EEIIHA!!!
Hey dude, did you whatch that awesome HAIL STRAWBERRYCLOCK!!!
by GRAFFITICANCLOCK December 19, 2003

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