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Originated by the Penny Arcade strip "Prefanity", "Strawberry Smurf" is some perverse term involving arbitrary sexual acts, necrophilia, and gnomes. This can include any form of Gnome, whether it be from Warcraft, D&D, or just an exceptionally short person in real life.
Last night I decided to roll an alt on Moon Guard and check out what was going on in Goldshire. Some Gnome chick asked me to give her a Strawberry Smurf. I logged immediately.
by Ixielsturm August 03, 2009
A type of "prefanity" (predicted profanity) invented by Gabe and Tycho, the writers of Penny Arcade, who foresee its use in the future on XboxLive. The phrase's meaning can only be speculated upon, but it almost certainly will be derogatory.
OMG, what a noob. Gtfo you strawberry smurf!
by CaptPlanet July 22, 2009
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