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A guy who has a sleepovers with girls because the parents think he is a faget, who has a small weiner.
Pete pete has sleepovers with girls because he is a Strawberry Short Dick.
by joe applebottems August 30, 2007
Some freshman at school who brags about having a 10 inch penis, but really its in the 3 inch or less range, and it is also red, small, and shriveled to an almost rectangular little clump around the crotch, resembling a strawberry shortcake.
Guy 1: Dude, did you hear this guy has got a 10 inch dick?!
Girl 1: Nah, i've seen it, he's got a Strawberry Shortdick.
Strawberry Shortdick: Hey guys, who wants some of this 10 inch diiiick.
by Adolf Lincoln August 11, 2016
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