Strawberry Avalanche was the greatest fruity disaster to ever exist. This extremity sadly has recently become extinct and will be forever missed. This disaster was the most fun and exciting disaster of it's time. see also; Limonada Hurricana, Kiwi Landslide, and Banana Blizzard. Also mentioned in Owl City's song: "Strawberry Avalanche please watch over me".
Girl: Have you ever seen a Strawberry Avalanche?

Boy: I saw one once and I wish I would've taken more pictures!

Girl: Yeah they were pretty amazing.
by Jeffery10 July 27, 2011
Top Definition
1) A song by owl city
2) A drink that consist of strawberry lemonade, vodka, and snow. Created by Eugene and Adam
Dude I got sooo fucked up yesterday from that Strawberry Avalanche
by AEdrinks July 25, 2010
1) A song by Owl City.

2) When a guy is eating our or having sex with a girl and she periods all over him.
Dude i was eating this girl out and she gave me a strawberry avalanche
by BDF56 September 08, 2009
The act of placing strawberries into a woman's vagina followed by intense sexual intercourse. Once ejaculation from the man ensues, he then pulls out. The mixture of semen and mashed strawberries that pour out of the woman is a strawberry avalanche.
When I brought home this girl last night, we decided to make a strawberry avalanche.
by Savage Teocott July 06, 2011
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