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Strawberry Avalanche was the greatest fruity disaster to ever exist. This extremity sadly has recently become extinct and will be forever missed. This disaster was the most fun and exciting disaster of it's time. see also; Limonada Hurricana, Kiwi Landslide, and Banana Blizzard. Also mentioned in Owl City's song: "Strawberry Avalanche please watch over me".
Girl: Have you ever seen a Strawberry Avalanche?

Boy: I saw one once and I wish I would've taken more pictures!

Girl: Yeah they were pretty amazing.
#limonada hurricana #kiwi landslide #strawberry avalanche #banana blizzard #fruity disasters
by Jeffery10 July 27, 2011
The most badass of all fruity disasters, seen only once every 100 or so years, The "Limonada Hurricana" or (Lemonade Hurricane) is fun and active and have only been 12 reported sightings. see also; Strawberry Avalanche, Banana Blizzard, and Kiwi Landslide.
Person 1: Oh my hell what is that???

Person 2: Oh my gosh that's the Limonada Hurricana!!

Person 1: I've only heard about that! OHMYGAWD!!

Person 2: My life is now complete. *falls over and dies
#fruity disasters #strawberry avalanche #kiwi landslide #banana blizzard #fruit
by Jeffery10 July 27, 2011
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