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Anyone who is anyone goes there. In between Sea Isle and Ocean City, and is by FAR better than both of them. Many people who go there are extreme COOL PEOPLE
"you dont go to strathmere? thats a shame!"
This pristine ocean town is located on Corson's Inlet. It is unique in that it is surrounded by popular oceanside communities but Strathmere is known as the hidden gem. It has by far the best beaches, and you can drive jetskis up to the beach, even go out to eat on one. It's home to some of the most popular resteraunts, The Dueville, Twistys, Mildreds. Truly a hidden gem. Filled with very wealthy but down to earth people. Has a huge 4th of july parade where all the citizens complain about taxes and try to ditch upper township, the township strathmere belongs too.
Where the hell is Strathmere?
by Templars February 01, 2009
a small beach town located north of sea isle. The beaches are not too crowded, and are so nice. The surfing is great, and there are lots of talented surfers who go to strathmere due to it's great waves, and low population. strathmere is about 30 minutes from the ocean city boardwalk. It has an uncle bills pancake house which makes the best pancakes ever! some big familys in strathmere are the callahans, shetlers, and the cox's. The only black residents are the ricketts with a nice big house and a family full of bosses. however, most of the lifegaurds are d-bags and their "outpost" is bigger than the house on the beach next to it. These lifeguards are the essential reason for the local strathmerians to be angry due to crazy taxes. the point is the coolest spot at night. It is located at the most north part of strathmere and it is where the bay meets the ocean. At night this spot is so amazing, but a bit buggy. there is also this huuggggee house right at the point. Alot of the residents of strathmere have been there since childhood, and all hangout at the surf beach. The shack is a great place for lunch and ice cream, and is perfect for a long day surfing. Strathmere is the best place to be when it comes to summer at the jersey shore.
bro 1: yo bro lets go surfing in ocean city

bro 2: nah bro those waves are only decent, and its too crowded, lets hit this secret spot called strathmere.

bro 1: shit yo ive heard of that, let's go!
by wherethehellisstrathmere May 03, 2010
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