1) The abstention from drinking, smoking, all the usual vices, in order to retain purity etc etc etc.

2) A lifestyle choice, followed from the moment one makes the life-changing decision, to the day they die. These followers of straight edge are the ones that command respect or at least acknowledgement for their choice.

3) The latest craze for all the really cool kids who think that by doing it, they transcend coolness itself into a realm that only enlightened ones can reach. They do this all just by painting Xs on their hands and not talking to anyone with un-painted hands.

4) A cool way of denying that you physically can't drink or smoke etc because you're too young.
1) Straight edge. Very noble and respectable when followed properly.

2) "That guy over there? He's straight edge, but he won't shove that fact in your face, 'cause he realises that it's his own choice. He's committed too, so all respect to him!"

3) "That guy over there? He's straight edge... though you can probably already tell that by either the sense of smug self-satisfaction written all over him, or by his thousand little ways of showing you that he's straight edge. He doesn't have a clue!"

4) "That guy over there? He's straight edge. He doesn't drink, smoke, do drugs or have sex. He doesn't even masturbate. He's 14... But by god is he straight edge!"
by gratedraindrop February 20, 2007
A movement that took it's name from the Minor Threat song of the same name. This movement is largely credited to Ian MacKaye (Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Egg Hunt, Fugazi). While he is a founding member of the straight-edge movement he did not magically create a new way of life. There were people who chose to absatain from drugs, alcohol, and promiscuous sex before the Minor Threat song believe it or not. There is much debate over what the exact definition of a drug is and there is no exact answer. Each practitioner of the straight-edge lifestyle creates their own personalized definition. While straight-edge as a lifestyle (not a movement) was intended to be a positive force it quickly became a dividing force in the underground and violence erupted from it. Not to mention the all-too-common sense of superiority that often (unfortuneately) accompanies this this lifestyle. The 'x' markings on the hands originated as a result of people showing that they willingly chose not to drink. Many people believe that militant straight-edge is called "hardline". This is not true. Hardline is a set of six rules that state in addition to no drugs, alcohol, or sex you also must eat in accordance with a vegan diet, avoid cursing, and not take medicine. Straight-edge is not a movement for people who aren't tough enough for drinking and drugs but for those who have grown frustrated with a lifestyle dominated by those elements.
Charles: "Hey you wanna hit this bowl man?"
Zach (Who is straight-edge): "Really? I respect your way of life do me the same man."
Charles: "Well I thought it was worth a try."
Zach: "Well it wasn't. This isn't a trend to me."
by LAVAXLAMP January 01, 2010
No drinking,smoking,drugs,or casual sex-the clean,"pure" way of life.Straightedge are super arsed cool people who actually have pride in themselves,want to be decent people,and don't believe in going around and looking like a bunch of drunk,high,stupid,slutty morons-aka most of America's youth nowadays-just because they can.Not all straightedge people think that they're better than everyone else and not all of them try to force their views on others,so if you think that's how it is then just get over yourself already.I'm not saying that this is the best or only way to be,but everyone at least has the right to be whatever and whoever they want,so just accept it already or move along.Bascially stop hating on the straightedge for living how they want and they won't hate on you.*
Straightedge and non straightedge should be free to live how they wanna live.
by kisskissbangbang7 December 16, 2009
Okay, wow. I'm really sick of all the people who are saying people that are sXe are pussies. Okay, no.

Being sXe means following the three X's: no drugs (X), no drinking (X), and no casual sex (X). Basically, being healthy. It's about respecting yourself and being strong enough not to need drugs and alcohol to make life fun. Some sXe people choose to be vegetarian, vegan, etc. but it's not necessary by any means. Others also choose to avoid drugs (medicines), although that kind of negates the whole "being healthy" thing.

Real sXe people will not condemn others for not being sXe. They also won't announce to everyone in the fucking world that they're sXe - it's a personal choice and it should remain private. Some people choose to show that they're sXe by having X's on their hands, and that's fine too. Just another personal choice.

Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with religion, cursing or the scene. It may have originated in the punk scene, but it has spread out and away from it - not every sXe person is punk, emo, etc.

Please refrain from being ignorant and keep an open mind.
I'm sXe (straight edge) but I'm an Atheist, I swear and I'm not a fucking punk. What do you think about THAT?
by neurapraxia July 10, 2008
Neo-ascetism Lite.

Not inherently a bad thing, though it can be said that abstaining from drugs, alcohol and sex does deny many experiences, both good and bad, it is, however, used frequently to grab the moral high ground so that one may look down on those who choose to indulge in such terrible, despicable, and ungodly vices.
See: The Junior Anti-Sex League, circa 1984
Erf... I can't conjure up a good enough example.
by GalenDeepinglen December 09, 2004
one whose chooses to live away from drugs, alcohol, and violence.

NOTE: a true straightedge person is hard to find. many people call them this for the image while they do all the things they claim not to do. beware the fakes as they usually travel in packs and are no better than any other group of stupid people. often using weapons in fist fights and ect....
John:Dude those straightedgers are saying they are gonna jump tom tomorrow.

Steve: man they aren't real straightedge just some wannabes. we should probably go help tom cause they will probably have some weapons. I'm looking forward to ripping out some gauges
by corn~of~death September 10, 2008
(n.) Straiht edge is the term coined by Ian MacKaye (lead singer of the early 80's punk band 'Minor Threat'). To 'have the straight edge' one must hold a great responsibility for his/her actions and most commonly not get involved with casual sex, drinking, smoking, or any other substances (living a drug free life) some straight edgers even go vegan (or become vegetarians) being straight is just more of a philosophy on life; a religion focusing on strength, self-preservation, and self-respect, some may call it.

unfortunately, many people are beginning to see the straight edge as the popular thing to do and is now, more than ever, just a trend
1) Ive got the straight edge!

2) sXe, XXX
by Jon Awesome December 30, 2004
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