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straightedge kids are a group of very close minded individuals who wouldnt know snakes from dildos.
pot head
hey dude hit this joint.
no answer cause theres snakes and dildos in thier mouth
by pot head extrodinaire March 26, 2007
Someone who thinks they're better than everyone because they don't drink/smoke/do drugs/have random sex. Usually people say they're straightedge but still do one or all of the latter mentioned.
"I don't drink, I'm straightedge... yea I know you didn't offer I have to tell everyone though."
by VJC dropout March 30, 2006
a person who is addicted to rock cocaine or uses regularly.this is referring to the person shaving there rocks with a straightedge razor blade so they can smoke it,snort it,or shoot it up.
see that beezy on tha corner shes a total straightedge.
by Mac Money June 29, 2006
lasts usually a day, a month, a year, 2 years, 5 years, or 14 years
(also see <b>bullshit</b>)
Michael sold out, what a patriot!
by XXX January 22, 2005
1.One who does not take part in alcohol, tobacco use, drug use, premarital sex, etc. for the duration of one's lifetime.
"No smokes for me, I'm straightedge."
"lol pussy"
by Buddy Brantley June 01, 2005
One who usually has warped views on drugs, drinking, and sex because of their christian morality. Straightedgers usually use straightedge as their cover up for being boring losers who dont get invited to parties and cut themselves with razors while being goth losers.
Stop being so lame and angsty you straightedger! Live a little!
by CharlesB July 05, 2005
Defines the biggest fans of Good-Charlotte. As long as you're punk, wear black everyday, and listen to the GC, straight-edge applies to you.
Gena Faust is so straight-edge. You won't miss <i>her</i> rocking out at the next GC tour.
by Max Powers April 01, 2005