a verry bad way to live
don't do starte edge

this has been a public survice announcement from the stoners of america
by angel face October 06, 2004
If one is "straight edge" it means they are a self-righteous Holier-than-thou nob-end who won't shut up about how cool it is to "be in control of your faculties".
No i don't want a pint cos I'm straight edge (acompanied by a ridiculus looking x gesture with the forearms)
by The Bag Boy April 14, 2005
similar to emo in that it was invented by Ian Mackaye but got out of hand and now totally sucks.

Also completley misunderstood, nearly from Day 1.

1)Edge kids blieve in "rules" of no smoking, drinking, drugs or casual sex, with variations of veganism pro-life, etc.

2) Some of these variations are ridiculous and fascist.

But edge wasn't supposed to be rules, it was just supposed to be what you thought was right, and what was good for your health (ahem, getting in fights with smokers may not be too healthy).
1) Edge: STAY TRUE!
Normal Kid: Are you always this uptight?

2) Guy in the mall: (lights up)
Hardline Kid: (beats the shit out of the smoker)
by Andrew August 18, 2004
A life choice made by those who's ego is the most defining characteristic they have. This ego is then justifed by, the belief that they are some how better than everyone else. These people are usually virgins with no friends, and like sheep, herd together to help boost each others egos. Straightedge, is a definition of a person who can't make a positive choice without fitting perfectly into a prearranged demographic. These people choose abstinence as a means to self justify. Meanwhile, their constant battle against temptation, coupled with their giant egos, causes them to become depressed, which they act out, (again with the support of the herd) in violence, and judgement of others.
These people don't understand that true positive choice goes much deeper than a tattoo and doesn't make u better or worse than anyone, or that we all have our own choices to make. and our own consequences .
"hey who's that guy with the tattoo on his face that was crying in the corner, and is now punching on with a random that was walking past?"

oh thats 'John'... he's straightedge
by normal society January 10, 2011
The lifestyle choice for those with a superiority complex, but nothing to back it up. Followers are often pale/skinny/socially awkward
D&D nerds don't get to really look down on enough people, so I think I'll try straigh-edge
by megabyte800 February 13, 2005
A nicer word for the term "Pussy". They think they are tough but really bake cookies for each other and enjoy each others company at hardcore shows because rather than getting a life, or a girlfriend, they slam dance to 3 chord music.

Joe:D00D I AM TEH Straight Edge PH33R ME!
Bob:Shut up, pussy.
by kekekekelololol April 12, 2006

No Drugs
No Drinking
No Sex
No Fun
My friend Coral* refuses to do drugs, drink, have sex before marriage, or even look at porn because she is straight edge.

*Indicates name has been changed
by Your Bitch December 27, 2004
Punk rocking kids who realized they were being posers, so they formed their own clique of punks that don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. Hobbies include hanging out with real punks and leaving when the punks take part in illegal activies, along with calling themselves straight edge repeatedly to assert their sense of a higher morality.
"Hey do you want to smoke some weed"?

"No thanks, I'm straight edge."
by Sworde July 06, 2004

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