Straight Edge is basically a way of life that includes no drinking, no drugs, and so casual sex. Abbreviated SxE. It is not a religion or a gang. It is a choice that someone makes. However, not everyone who doesnt drink/do drugs/have casual sex is straight edge, and not all that say they are straight edge, are straight edge. People who are SxE might put black x's on their hands. yes, you can be friends with people who do these things. There are a few types of straight edge kids.

The true SxE kid - does not drink, does not have casual sex, and does not do drugs. Also, does not go around telling everyone he meets right away that he is SxE, when the time comes to bring it up, he does tell. Does not think himself better than others becasue he does not drink or do drungs or not have sex. Does not beat people up for smoking or drinking.

Asshole SxE kid - Abides by the 3 rules of SxE, but goes around thinking he is better than everyone, puts people down for it, and basically bugs the fuck out of people.

Scene/Fashioncore SxE Kid - Wears x's on his hands all the time, and wears a bandana around his mouth and nose all the time, usually has died black hair. Most of these kids are not actually SxE, hell, most of them dont even know the true meaning or SxE but say they are to get friends/be cool/fit in. They are the SxE trend kids, and give True SxE'rs a bad name. Becasue of these kids, most kids just think being SxE is wearing black x's and bandanas around your face.

Hardliner - Super SxE kids that usually are vegan, wont take drugs even for severe pain, drink caffeine, or do anything like that. There most defining trait ,however, is the fact that they beat the living shit out of people for smoking, drinking or doing drugs. They might see someone doing one of these things, not bothing them at all, get a bunch of their friends, and beat the shit out of one person with somewhere between 2-? people. These people sometimes kill the people they attack. They are the biggest threat to true SxE people. A lot of cops and other uninformed people, becasue of hardliners, believe SxE people to be a gang, and believe ever SxE kid will beat the shit out of someone smoking or drinking or something like that. They are hated by most SxE kids.
True Straight edge kid (when asked about drinking/drugs/sex) - "yeah, i dont do drugs, drink, or have casual sex. You do? ok, your choice man."

Asshole stright edge kid - Yeah im SxE and im fuckin better than you becasue of it, i dont poison myself and you do, your fuckin stupid as hell, i hate you all, go fucking burn yourself"

Scene/Fashioncore kid - (Wearing black x's on his hands and a black bandana over his face and his long died black hair) Yeah, Grr im SxE, im cool, wanna be my friend, im SxE, cmon im SxE you gotta like me, im cool." might also say that while drinking or smoking.

Hardliner (sees someone drinking or smoking, not bothering anyone, no one is in their range of 2nd hand smoke)
*goes and gets somewhere from usually 1 to 10 more hardliners then beats the hell out of the person drinking or smoking, some with brass knuckles or baseball bats* The beat up kid usually has to go to the hospital, and sometimes even dies
by xjustinxedgex June 24, 2006
a disease rapidly spreading over the teenage population of the US. symptoms include:
a lack of life (i.e. being too much of a pussy to take a shot god forbid u get intoxicated)
a clear mind (wats the fun in that?)
and a lack of poon tang, unless theyre in a "loving relationship"(which doesnt actually exist)
an infatuation with the letter x
and the word core
which results from the lack of life
and also an obsession and coagulation of a million different faggy ass trends that these little kids with no drugs create
straight edge core edge emu kid: hiya! look at me!! im not doing drugs!!!!!
normal person: yeah?
xxcorexxemoxxstraightedge: yeah!!!! im a clean individual with hopes and dreams!
normal person: u should add cutting urself to ur list of hopes and dreams
emooedgeman: yeah ur right! thats totally IN right now!!! totally!
by b0b0 mcfay January 05, 2007
person who does not poison and corrupt themselves with the evils of the world.
example A.-steve boomhower

In use-
person a-dude straight edges are queers
person b-sigh*
*(knocks person a out)
by gnarshred June 28, 2008
straight edge is a lifestyle its all about keeping your head
straight & to not poison your body with alcohol, drugs, smoking & one night stands & just have fun with out that. straight edge began in the hardcore punk scene in the 1980s "Minor Threat" the very band who made the movement made a song called "Straight Edge" witch changed the lifes of alot of the punks who started to follow this lifestyle many of them decided to quit alcohol & drugs.
The band members who was Straight Edge at the time are no longer Straight Edge & that band was not a long lived band as for the members moved on to other bands.
The "X" symbol plays a big roll in the straight edge movement the very people who are in this movement mark an "X" on there hands to show that they are straight edge & proud of it!.
This straight edge movement did die out abit but later it came back late 80s/90s & such bands like "earth crisis" added veganism to it as well even no it was fine how it was befor..
The song straight edge by Minor Threat where is the part where they say dont eat meat???? WTF?..
Alot of the kids in the late 80s early 90s straight edge movement get in to a pack to jump a drunk on the streets & drug dealers keeping the streets safe so these straight edgers didnt think any better by attacking people by out numbering them but it has to be done one way or another they dressed less punk by chucking away there studded leather jackets & more well how could i put it hmm more gangsta like bandanas, Nike shoes, baggy pants, base ball caps some times the wrong way round, & a jock jacket with straight edge written at the back, & hoodies, it was more of a Youth Crew thing now but still straight edge was strong.
straight edge Hardcore music of the late 80s to early 90s had a less punk sound to more of a metal like sound.
The straight edge scene of the 2000s is still going strong but many people do not notice cause the posers have taken over it just looks like one big joke now these emo scene kids or whatever the f*ck you want to call them just ruin it these kids of today mark an "X" on there hand just to be trendy & they pose like a whore on to grab attention its only a trendy thing to them yet they have sex with anyone like a whore does & that breaks the straight edge rules these emo scene kids who goes around saying there straight edge there called fake-edgers & if you see one just kick the living daylights out of them cause straight edge is a lifestyle not a trendy MTV thing.
straight edge is a lifeStyle.
I dont need alcohol & i dont need your f*ckin drugs & i dont f*ck everyone like a god damn whore you no its up to you if you wonna waste your life away but you'll see who lives longer :)
Im off now i have better things to do you can carry on fucking your head up.
by maria_la_Punk May 30, 2008
Straight Edge means Not doing drugs, Not drinking, Not having casual sex unless in a relationship.

Kids in local music scenes seem to think that they are cool by labeling themselves as Straight Edge, most of them dont know what the fuck there talking about and run all over the place (like thoughs in a gay parade) letting everyone know how cool and Straight Edge they are. These are the kids that need to grow up. You can not drink and not do drugs without having some retarded label. Its simply just another dumb fad that the "scene" kids think is cool.

The people who are really straight edge are people over the age of 19 who dont feel that drugs, drinking and casual sex are a very healthy life choice, these are usually respectable people who do not tattoo "XXX" on themselves or swing there arms and legs in some "dance pit" at a local show to show how HARDCORE and STRAIGHT EDGE they are.

Real straight edgers also dont force there views on people and yell straight edge everytime they see someone with a beer or a joint in there hand.

They also wont call themselves straight edge, they just are they dont need to parade.
band member-"After the show tonight stick around and get drunk"

stupid scene kid-"FUCKING STRAIGHT EDGE!"

drunk fan-"Who the fuck are you? Im gunna kick your ass you stupid scene kid, nobody cares that you dont drink!"

other crowd members- "BITCH!" "THAT KIDS A BITCH"

stupid scene kid- "I dont care what anybody thinks! IM gunna STAY GOLD"
by Jordan, Klondale May 28, 2008
So drugs. No drinking. No permiscuous sex.
That's the basic straightedge. The other shit is hardline.
Dood I'm so straight edge, I don't drink or smoke.
by erika love. June 26, 2006
Started by Ian Mackaye, the lead singer of Minor Threat. Edge kids wore X's on thier hands. The rules of Straight Edge was that you did not have one night stands, you did not drink any form of alcohol, you did not do drugs and you did not smoke. The earlier skinheads were mostly Straight Edge.
Minor Threat was a Straight Edge band. Ian Mackaye amazingly also had a strong part in the creation of emo, except in his time itwas called emocore.
by Freak Face April 29, 2005
A term and lifestyle originally used by a group of reasonably sensible people who saw what drugs/alcohol/casual sex can do to ruin peoples lives and decided to abstain from these activities.

Since then, it has become incredibly popular with young people who are too ignorant/scared to try new things and wanted an excuse not to.
Minor Threat: "We do not want to destroy our bodies/morals, we will be sXe"
Kid: "I'm too scared to try these new things, if I become sXe, I will not look like such a pussy and may even look like a very sensible person"
by Clavus Torquis August 05, 2004

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