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Mostly used in porn - This involves gay men who have sex with a woman for extra money. They may also do it for experimental reasons or to fill in the straight guy's position. There are still some gays that do amateur straight porn passing as 'straight' (see closet).

The men in it would usually be the ones pleasuring the girls as opposed to them getting it - which will be awkward and sexually frustrating for a gay man. They would still do penetration, but wouldn't cum quickly, and perhaps, trivially, pleasuring the women more.

Gay men doing straight for pay get a lot of money for doing this, either way.
Gay pornstar David Chase has had a film or two with women.

Recently outed lesbian Tila Tequila has had porn with men. She admitted that it was straight for pay.
by avialae March 22, 2013
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A marriage between a homosexual male and a lesbian female (or in rare instances, a homosexual/lesbian marriage to a heterosexual opposite sex partner). This arrangement is not an arrangement for love, but rather, for the benefits (e.g. tax breaks, military benefits, adoption privileges, social standing etc.) associated with the union. These arrangements occur because of the lack of equal marriage in the United States. It reinforces the concept of the "sanctity" of marriage because it is between a man and a woman ("sanctity" is a synonym for bullshit)
Person 1: "Dude, Jon and Gina are going to get married soon, what kind of fabulous gifts are you going to get them?"
Person 2: "Wtf? They're getting married? But Jon is super gay and Gina is a diaper is that possible"
Person 1: "No bro its just straight for pay. They have to do it because the government and Christians say that they can't marry who they really love, but they need the benefits of marriage"
Person 2: "That fucking sucks dude. That's so breeder. Fucking Hetero bitches"
by HaoleChaser6969 June 09, 2009
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