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Term invented in Cozumel, Mexico:

1: Something that is totally ridiculous in and of itself or something that should be just fine but is in the state of straight trash.

2: When someone is talking trash about someone or something that is overly ridiculous.

3: A commentary on any situation, very contextual.

4: Nothing but straight trash, noun.

1: "Dude, that catalogue was full of straight trash, probably because it was on that straight trash airplane."

2: "Dude, that guy was talking some straight trash about Bret Favre, but I gotta say, he kinda deserves it.."

3: "Hahaha, work today was straight trash."

4: "Whoa, look over there at that straight trash in the street."
by RobertoBorge June 21, 2009
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Straight Trash is a new disparaging term utilized in Facebook discussion threads to describe something that someone doesn't like or to exaggerate displeasure with a comment posted by another person.

It is often used in a sports-related context to express annoyance or aggravation with a player's poor performance, especially a star player going through a costly slump.

The term is sometimes used ironically and is often expressed as a hashtag, #StraightTrash. The construction often takes the form of an equation: Favorite Player + Poor Performance = #StraightTrash
Baltimore Orioles' starting pitching + high ERA = Straight Trash


Washington Capitals + NHL Playoffs = Straight Trash

That last comment you posted = Straight Trash
by RiffGibson April 18, 2017
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