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Term invented in Cozumel, Mexico:

1: Something that is totally ridiculous in and of itself or something that should be just fine but is in the state of straight trash.

2: When someone is talking trash about someone or something that is overly ridiculous.

3: A commentary on any situation, very contextual.

4: Nothing but straight trash, noun.

1: "Dude, that catalogue was full of straight trash, probably because it was on that straight trash airplane."

2: "Dude, that guy was talking some straight trash about Bret Favre, but I gotta say, he kinda deserves it.."

3: "Hahaha, work today was straight trash."

4: "Whoa, look over there at that straight trash in the street."
by RobertoBorge June 21, 2009
Negra is a flavor of Mexican drink, it can be used as a positive adjective or noun.

Negra has absolutely no negative connotations and should therefore never be taken as an offensive comment.

1: "Man, this drink is Straight Negra!!"

2: "What's up my Negra's?!"
by RobertoBorge June 21, 2009

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