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Cross eyed
Penny; I walked up to his door to cuss his ass out for fkn with my pc and he looked so damn sexy with that golfers hat, I went Strabismic and couldn't even look in his eyes to do it.

Page: Why don't you ravage him already?

Ann: you know you want em

Penny: Fuck you both. He doesn't love me like that he just wants revenge.

Ann; how do you know?

Penny: He refuses to leave the home and bang me on the hood of my car again. Or spoon for hours catching up that matter.

Page: WTF is wrong with you?

Penny: IDK I'm a chicken shit. He is too. the worst part is we never even kissed once lol It was the wierdest emotoin ever felt.

Ann; He never kissed you!

Penny: Nope.

Page: is he gay?

Penny: don't ask dumb questions, I messed up enough already. I love the guy. His voice was my savoir a long time ago. it was all I needed to fall asleep. Was never about sex. I was jk about the car thing
by mssannabellandu October 20, 2009
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The book is at its weakest when it merely summarizes the depositions of the major players and filters excerpts of their testimony through the manifestly strabismic eye of the litigant-author Anita Miller.
by Samojlowicz October 01, 2011
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