a stove and an oven
"I am cooking pasta on the stoven."
by ethel190 March 06, 2010
Top Definition
Uncontrollable heat or high humidity, usually around 95 degrees fahrenheit or higher.
Luis: "We got a baseball game tomorrow right?"
Rob: "Yeah it's going to suck it's suppose to be soooo stoven out."
by Anal Bied July 29, 2011
a Stolen stove
The bandits ran off with the stoven in their car
by Melem November 14, 2009
An appliance in which the stove is on top of the oven, so they form one unit.
We bought a new stoven today.
by Tegan June 17, 2004
the mix between your oven and your stove .
person1 : hey can I use your stoven to make noodles

person2 : yeah sure you can make cookies to .
by iluvpink54 January 25, 2016

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