A sexual position that is performed from a classic missionary style, from which the girl raises her ass in the air , and clutches her knees to her breasts. With the vaginal crevace aiming skyward, the man will step over her, aim his weiner downward at the vagina, insert it, and squat up and down as to provide friction that would result in the eventual spurting of the wang. A stove pipe can also be performed using the asshole and the weiner. This is also called a stove pipe.
I stovepiped your wife.
by Dirty Dog March 27, 2003
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A prison slang term for nigger
"Man, fuck them stove pipes, they stole my shit."
by Tim England February 05, 2008
a shooting term used when on a (gun) line or firing range; a round that does not extract all the way out of a "semi-automatic pistol or rifle" after fired; the round will be pointing toward the sky thus with a tad of smoke coming out; to look like a stove pipe;malfunction with a pistol or magazine
"Shit, my Beretta stove piped again."
by Gabe July 05, 2003
The act of highly inspired and brutal sodomization.
I'm gonna stovepipe you like a catholic schoolboy at confession.
by Obis November 18, 2004
A temporary view the anus takes after the act of anal sex. When the penis (or penis shaped device) is pulled out of the ass, the anus is sometimes left temporarily gaping wide open. This allows for a clear view into the ass thus creating the affect you might get when looking down a stovepipe.

After a few seconds the anus will usually contract back to normal shape.
Millie: Holy cow, after finding my mom's video tapes in her closet. I watched my Dad totally stovepiped her. I mean it looked like you could see all the way to China. No wonder my Mom was walking funny the next day.
Holly: You're Dad is totally hot. He could stovepipe me anyday.
Millie: I'll ask. Maybe my Mom could film it.
by Ted Hollister April 22, 2011
A single barreled break-open shotgun.
I robbed Earl's Liqour Store with my 12 gauge stovepipe yesterday!
by Calvin B. January 01, 2006
Popular size of beer that comes in a tall, wide can. Usually 24 oz. or more. Sold individually, and by the case.
Dude, all i had to do was move that guy's couch. I got a stovepipe out of it.
by ss74 June 26, 2010
Similar to a dutch oven...except after your partner gets a really good whiff of your ass fragrance..you lift your leg to let the perfumage seep from the opening at the foot of the bed...like a stove pipe!
Dude, after I gave my girl a dutch oven I had to stove pipe that shit because she was gagging so hard I thought she was going to die!
by Miss.Chevious April 27, 2011

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