stubs for boobs. another way to comment on a man's moobs or an extremely flat girl
Dan: woahh allison's stoobies are about as big as mine!
Foo: you mean non-existent?
Dan: yeppp
Foo: niiice
by smarge June 05, 2007
Top Definition
adj. Word to describe someone who is really cool, and extremly awesome.

Sounds like "doobie."
(Heather, Jenn, Alli, Ash, Rachel, Nikki, Jen, Chelsea, Zita, Margo, Rosey, MIKE.) :P

"Hey, did you see that kid? He's such a stooby!"
"He's stoobtactular!"
"You are my new favorite stooby!"
by Mike (Meat) Varriale October 27, 2004
Adj. Word to describe someone who is the shiz.
New slang word created by Mike!
Another word for "crazy awesome," or "spectacular-amungous!" or "radical."
Sounds like doobie.
Some examples of people who are "stoobies":
Heather, Ash, Jenn, Jen, Alli, Rosey, Zita, Rachel, Margo, Anne, Diane, Chelsea, Nikki, Kara, Nina, MIKE!, Asian Mike!, DJ, Kyle, Colin, Max, Kev, Jon, Andrew, Wil, Ani, Dani, Zack, and anyone else I left out.

"Hey, did you see that kid? He's such a St00b!"
"He's st00btactular!"
"You are my new favorite st00by!"
"Mike is so st00blicious."
by Mike (Meat) Varriale October 28, 2004
fat fingers or fat toes
Eww that girl got stoobies!
Don't touch me with those stoobies!
by MannyyFresh February 03, 2012
Sucks to be you!
"My dog got run over, I have two papers tonight, and my boyfriend broke up with me!"

by MrFoxOfSonata April 01, 2009
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