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adj. Word to describe someone who is really cool, and extremly awesome.

Sounds like "doobie."
(Heather, Jenn, Alli, Ash, Rachel, Nikki, Jen, Chelsea, Zita, Margo, Rosey, MIKE.) :P

"Hey, did you see that kid? He's such a stooby!"
"He's stoobtactular!"
"You are my new favorite stooby!"
by Mike (Meat) Varriale October 27, 2004
13 3
Adj. Word to describe someone who is the shiz.
New slang word created by Mike!
Another word for "crazy awesome," or "spectacular-amungous!" or "radical."
Sounds like doobie.
Some examples of people who are "stoobies":
Heather, Ash, Jenn, Jen, Alli, Rosey, Zita, Rachel, Margo, Anne, Diane, Chelsea, Nikki, Kara, Nina, MIKE!, Asian Mike!, DJ, Kyle, Colin, Max, Kev, Jon, Andrew, Wil, Ani, Dani, Zack, and anyone else I left out.

"Hey, did you see that kid? He's such a St00b!"
"He's st00btactular!"
"You are my new favorite st00by!"
"Mike is so st00blicious."
by Mike (Meat) Varriale October 28, 2004
10 6
fat fingers or fat toes
Eww that girl got stoobies!
Don't touch me with those stoobies!
by MannyyFresh February 03, 2012
2 0
Sucks to be you!
"My dog got run over, I have two papers tonight, and my boyfriend broke up with me!"

by MrFoxOfSonata April 01, 2009
1 5
stubs for boobs. another way to comment on a man's moobs or an extremely flat girl
Dan: woahh allison's stoobies are about as big as mine!
Foo: you mean non-existent?
Dan: yeppp
Foo: niiice
by smarge June 05, 2007
0 8