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A school where there is, indeed, a vast population of stoners, fake-emos, posers, and transfer kids. The transfer kids are the ones who do not want to go to the ghey schools that they should be going to (in Gainesville, Haymarket, Bristow, or Woodbridge), so they choose to enter the I.B. program. Also known as the "hardass program that might get you into a good college" program.
Stonewall is only good if you're in the IB program, because the regular classes are pathetically easy.
Kid 1: I go to Stonewall Jackson & I'm "emo"!
Kid 2: I'z go 2 da SJ n ah'm GANGSTAAA!
Kid 3: Tards. Stonewall Jackson high school in Northern Virginia is only good for the IB program. You're all going to end up working the corners for money while I'm attending college.
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by CacapoopoopeepeeShire September 01, 2006
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One of the most pathetic places one could ever be at. It's full of kids who think they are emo, but whose biggest problem is their lame attempts at being posers. Then there are the posers who are so obvious. My favorites are the kids who dress in black with piercings and are supposed to be goth, but are really nice people if you get to know em... then the rich kids who wanna act poor so they don't get the crap kicked out of em. Half of the kids are stoners, the other half morons. I fit somewhere in there, but the again, so could you.
Person A: Where did you go to high school?
Person B: Stonewall
Person A: I'm sorry poser.
by Timber_c149 April 02, 2005
A high school in the middle of nowhere where the students are little know it alls and tell everyone their ghetto when their really rich snobbs..majority of the school is white but they dont like people knowing that because then it dosent make them look "ghetto"
Hey Johnny lets hop in my dads porshe and tell everyone i got it from drug dealing

my backyard has traintracks in it that means im ghetto right?!?!
by The Baj February 03, 2005
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