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1. (n.) The condition a person is in when he/she is stoned

2. (v.) An action someone pulls that relates to something a stoner would do
1. You are stoner status right now

2. You ate the all the food that was supposed to be donated to homeless kids?! That's stoner status!
by Jessica November 23, 2004

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A question pertaining to the status of a Stoner.

Status being what they are or are not smoking.

(Note to the editor: I realize that is terrible up there. But if you could please just clean it up a bit. I am sure you catch my drift. Thanks. EC )
Example 1:

Stoner 1: Hey man what's your Stoner Status?

Stoner 2: Aaaww man... I got caught with a dime. I am off for a bit.

Example 2:

Stoner 1: Dude I got some sweet bud! What's your stoner status?

Stoner 2: Oh a just bought an eighth man. Smoke out?
by Cookie Camper December 27, 2011