A school to the home of very beautiful girls who love to party but are also smart. They don't have time for dirty sluts or wanna b players. They carry themselves in a way that all girls wish they could. They are no in closet sluts well some of us aren't unlike others.
Stone Ridge girl1: we are soo tite

srgirl2: yea girilie wayy tew tite!

srgirl1:thats why we have so many haters

srgirl2: "rain rain go away thats what all my haters say" (Roscoe Dash for all that are champ and unhip"

srgirl1: but bye girl i have to go do something so awesome cuz thats all i can do because thats just what i am

srgirl2: same thing here
by toohtie badd November 07, 2010
Top Definition
Prestigious private all-girls school with excellent academics and competitive overachievers. Beautiful campus cushioned in Bethesda, MD, good sports teams and faculty.
High number of students end up at ivy league and other excellent universities.
by PlickeD June 27, 2005
A kick-ass school where everyone is either rich, beautiful, or a genius. Our lax team rocks and so does our field hockey. Our campus is one of the most exensive to maintain and alot better tham Holton's big red bricked cubicle. The class of '09 is especially rich, beautiful, and genius!!!
just go to find out.
by '09 pride May 09, 2005
This school rocks so much it's not even funny. Everyone there is amazing! They're all brilliantly smart, great at sports, and gorgeous! This school has a beautiful campus, an amazing pool facility and Mr. A! What more could you ask for? Everyone goes to a good college, everyone is nice to each other, everyone is smart, ALL the guys' schools LOVE sr, and everyone there KICKS BOOTAYY!
SRgirl: I kick ass.
Visigirl: I'm a skank. (cries)
SRgirl: I still kick ass.
Holtongirl: I'm a bitch. (cries)
SRgirl:...I still kick ass.
NCSgirl: Hi. My name is Regina George! (gets hit by a bus)
SRgirl:...Once again... I still kick ass...
Madeiragirl: I can do anything better than ANY man!
SRgirl: You suck.
Madeiragirl:...But do I suck more than a MAN?
Madeiragirl: Dammit! (cries)
Hot guy1: Look a hot Stone Ridge girl!
Hot guy2: SHE'S MINE!
Hot guy1: You can have the NCS girl!
Hot guy2: She got hit by a bus!
(Hot guys start fighting over SR girl)
by '10 kicks ass December 11, 2005
An all girls religious school located in Bethesda, Maryland. Very preppy and large focus on money. The school is very cliquey, with nasty, backstabbing girls. The sports are okay, the academics are fantastic. It is a hard school that prepares the students for college.

The girls can be very insecure, and the mothers are the same, clinging to each other and ignoring new families. Jealousy runs rampant as well as bullying. Bullying is a huge issue that has yet to be correctly addressed.

The girls are very competitive in academics, especially when college becomes an issue beginning in sophomore year.

The sister school of Georgetown Prep.
outside girl: I just applied to Brown. I hope i get it!

Stone Ridge Girl: ya....idk i heard it is super hard to get into. Who do you know there? What school do you go to?

outside girl: I go to (fill in the blank)....

SR Girl: oh.... im sure youll do fine........
by speakthetruth248 December 29, 2011
a school in bethesda that revolves around school and polo. they all drive expensive SUVs or nice compact cars. many are closet sluts who have sex alot and become obnoxious drunks. their guy friends usually consist of landon boys in the grade above theirs
every girl that goes to that school
by jgkdslkdj March 20, 2005

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