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Pretty much the greatest school in all of the world. Everyone is always putting it down, but that's just because they are haters. The social life is awesome, and you can always find a friend there. The sports department is amazing- there is almost never a year when at least one team didn't win some sort of title, and football and soccer are almost always nationally ranked. Just because it is located in "Cashburn" doesn't mean that everyone is rich. While there are some "Brady Bunch Clones", everyone is pretty chill and easy to get along with.
You go to Stone Bridge High School? Dude, you rock
by fsklfjslhjeklysdidalsfhse September 07, 2010
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Home to the Brady Bunch kids' clones.
"Let's go to school on the holidays just so we can learn!"
by Mercury January 17, 2005
THE MOST GAYEST SCHOOL OF ALL TIME!!!i cant stress this enough. The school has no care for anybody. forget about fund raising tell mom and dad to fork over a few hundred so the school can aford the crap they sell at launch. the school is full of wanna be rocks, small amounts of girls dress like sluts(but their not). Most of the guys try acting gangsta. but the school is at least 30 miles from any real city. the school is extreme brady bunch
prep: give me your money bitch

me: kiss my ass poser!
by Rob January 17, 2005

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