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A thick, luscious, stream of hair starting at the base of the neck and continuing down through the chest and stomach. Originally came from the Stohawk tribe indiginous to arizona.

The word comes from the combination of stomach-mohawk. In 1545, The Stohawk tribe came to existence when a fraction of the Mohawk tribe split off and began their own tribe because of an argument over who won an intense game of scrabble. Not wanting to associate themselves with Mohawks anymore, they created their own hair style.

Stohawks (hairstyle) can occur naturally but most often occur by shaving everything but the center of your chest and stomach.

Many people who cannot grow enough hair to create a stohawk have tried to mimic it with animal hair or grass in order to attract a mate.

Shaving your chest and and making a stohawk is a form of manscaping.
Have you seen young warrior Josh? His Stohawk is coming in well this season.


Yo man look at my Stohawk, its like a border between my left and right sides.
by Souperman777 June 12, 2011
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