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Fighting style named for the home town of UFC's Nick Diaz: Stockton, CA - America's 8th most miserable city. The Stockton Style is most properly applied to professional fighters, however, it can be applied to any team/contestant that boasts about superior skill while making disparaging remarks about the opponent, and then proceeds to get embarrassingly demolished.

Key features include, but are not limited to, the following:

Pompous self promotion
Alleging cheating of your opponent with no evidence
Failing a drug test scheduled more than 6 months in advance
Mocking an opponent during competition for using a sound, winning strategy
Insisting on superior skill following a highly publicized defeat
Threatening to retire following a highly publicized defeat
Publicly admitting to felonies for no reason
Person 1: Did you see Diaz get destroyed in that fight the other night?

Person 2: Yeah, no one's better at the Stockton Style than him!
by Georges St. Pierre March 17, 2013
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