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A stock-en-fest is when a shed load of some what awesome people get together to get wasted. A stock-en-fest is a combination of a 'Stock' and a 'Fest', mainly held in the summer months due to the fact that the weather conditions must be perfect and at a 27 degrees.

To throw a stock-en-fest you need a shit load of music, a dumper truck full of beer and a stripper in a cake ( the latter is optional)

Anyone is able to attend a stock-en-fest as long as they have either had a mullet, known someone who has had a mullet or are planning on getting a mullet. Another main rule is that if a beer pong table is not present it is not a stock-en-fest it can be a stock or a fest but not a stock-en-fest.

Most countries do not allow stock-en-fest's to take place, as it is against international law.
Chris-'' Yo man what's happening tonight''

Alex-'' not sure man, there is a party going on tonight that has a dumper truck full of beer, a beer pong table, a shit load of music and a stripper in a cake!!!''

Chris-'' Sweet man we should go. You know who is going?''

Alex-'' a shed load of some what awesome people''

Chris-'' and by god its 27 degrees... its a mother flipping stock-en-fest''

Dan-''going to a stock-en-fest tonight''

Paul- '' can I come??''

Dan- ''ever had a mullet?''

Paul- '' nope''

Dan-'' you cant come.''
by Dr lil Z June 15, 2010
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