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A small town located in the outskirts of Ottawa. Predominately populated with upper-middle class Whites, there are eight Black people. The town is populated with: hockey players, Lululemon wearers, characters who enjoy spending time at Tim Horton's & McDonald's on Friday nights, wive's who spend their husband's money (and like to think they look good doing it), driver's of unnecessarily large automobiles, and sadly, people who will soon become trapped in this "God-forsaken wasteland" (as to which it was referred by it's founder Jackson Stitt in the 1850's).
"Hello, nice to meet you. I'm from Stittsville, you may refer to me as a Stitts-villian if you wish".

"Let's go to Stitts-Vegas"!
by A proud Stitts-villian February 10, 2011
"Small" town on the outskirts of Ottawa - used to be basically only a Flea Market but has expanded into Kanata in the recent years.

The population consists of rich bitches who basically live off of mommy and daddy's money (Looking at you Sacred Heart Students/Alumni). The population is basically all Caucasians.. With like 5-10 black people. Oh so diverse.

People absolutely cannot drive, but they think they're fucking amazing. There's also nothing to do except go to Browns, McDicks and Timmies. But hey, if you can play hockey, the town will fucking love you, so don't worry!
Let's go to Stitty!

There's nothing to do in Stittsville...
by RoseGirl19 April 01, 2015
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