a person who could potentially be a snitch for an undercover creeper opperation
Lindsay: Hey Matt!
Matt: Yes Lindsay?
Lindsay: Watch out for those kids, they are definately STITCHES and should not be trusted.
Matt: Instead of snitches get STITCHES its STITCHES get creepers. Lets get them!
by smithasaurus January 07, 2011
(noun) A sexual maneuver where the male, during ejaculation, removes his penis from the vagina and inserts it into the anus--leaving a trail of semen connecting the two cavities, and thus "stitching" them together. If this maneuver is performed multiple times during a single ejaculation, it would then be referred to as a "double stitch", "triple stitch", etc.
"At the moment of copulation, Bronson abruptly decided to pull out--giving Rachel a stitch instead of a baby."
by Alan69 August 07, 2007
Combination of the word "stupid" and "bitch." A stupid bitch.
You're about to get raped, you stitch.
by ksmr May 28, 2010
Issue or problem with someone or something
" so if that was your stitch about not wanting to live here because of Susan, shes moving next month "
by Tawni Lynn April 24, 2007
Another word for any female or another word for pussy.
Now that's some fine piece of stitch!
by Labaki November 22, 2003
Stitch - Someone who habitually glosses over the image of his/her family, friends or workplace when in fact they are a highly dysfunctional bunch.
Girl: Wow, how well prissy she is even as her kids keep clawing at each other!
Boy: Yeah, I noticed that too, what a stitch!
by 4nntt November 17, 2007
To drop someone in it.
He stitched me up the other day
by Edward Goslin March 12, 2004

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