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A Stirlingite. A person supporting Lindsey Stirling. having the largest fan group known to Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. These dedicated followers of the amazing hip-hop, rock, dubstep violinist Lindsey Stirling go to extreme lengths to 'KSLL' (Keep spreading Lindsey's love). Every official Stirlingite has suffered from the disease of Stirlingitis, unfortunately an incurable disease but no one's complained about it yet. Being in the Stirlingite family is a decision no one could every regret.
Random Stirlingite1: "Hey, thanks for the add... but do I know you?"
Random Stirlingite2: No, but you're a Stirlingite, so am I, we're already mutual friends!"
Random Stirlingite1: "OH! Great! KSLL Stirlingite!"
by ToniSweden February 03, 2013